Enginnering Department


Engineering department consisted by Design Section, which design all of the new model according to the business department & buyer's requirement; Production Engineering section, which arrange line instrument, test equipment and solving trouble shooting problem; Sample Team, which handle all samples required by business department and customers; Mold Section, which fabricate the mold, polish and repair the old mold according to the engineering drawing; Laboratory, which experiment with professional operations , safety inspection of cables & wires conducted and RF cables tested and also with analysis of chemical materials; and Injection Section, which inject our plastic products and crush the recycle plastic.


Quality Control Department

There are consisted of three main tributary IQC, IPQC and QA section. IQC stands for Incoming Material Quality Control and mainly responses for monitoring and disallowing un-passed IQC material flowing into production line. IPQC stands for In-process Quality Control and is in charge of checking approved sample prior to mass production and making regular patrols for stable production quality. QA stands for Quality Assurance and handles QA's inspection for all finished products before shipment, all customer's complains and improvement on product quality. Regular verification for testing, measuring and laboratory equipment to ensure the test results with high accuracy and precision is also required.


The Production Department

Production Department is responsible for the assembling, molding and packaging products. Through years' continuous development and expansion, the Production department has b uilt into a group with nearly forty professional production lines. Mainly engaged in controlling production quality, producing the attractive and exquisite package and providing the guaranteed service.



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